An example of the sort of fan mail and loyalty Cathy Glass’s memoirs generate. No wonder each book is a bestseller!

Where do I start? I have read all of your books, Damaged, Hidden, Cut and The Saddest Girl In The World and have been moved by all of them. Not one book has been read with dry eyes. I think you are such an amazing person for doing what you have done over the years for the children you have accepted into your care, your home and your family. Your children Adrian and Paula and later Lucy deserve a big Well Done too for the patience and understanding they have shown to children who are not as lucky as they are to have a wonderful Mum like you.

Everything you do for the children has such an impact on their lives and their futures, you must be so proud. Reading those four book’s is surely just the tip of the iceberg? they are four out of the many you have fostered over the years.

Amazing work and you make it sound so effortless sometimes! I know with some you have encountered real problems but you seem to handle any situation with ease. I am a single Mum of 2 boys and it’s not easy, but you are a true inspiration to me, I do the best I can for them,and provide them with the things so many children don’t have…, care and stability.

I have always wanted to do something as rewarding as you, but I don’t think I would be able to cope emotionally with the situations I could be put in. I am a Teaching Assistant in a local Primary School and that is very rewarding. I am looking forward to 2010/2011 and the release of Happy Kids, Girl in the Mirror, Kids in Care and Eclipse of the Heart. It is nice to hear you are writing novels…can’t wait for those. Every time I have finished one of your books, I look forward to the next. Just this time I have to wait a bit longer! I would like to wish you Best Wishes and Good Luck for your future, keep writing please xx you are an inspiration.