New Jack the Ripper book announced

Sam Carter at Biteback has bought World English rights from the agency in a book which Carter feels makes a very strong case for the identity of Jack the Ripper. In The Man Who Would Be Jack, David Bullock forensically examines fresh evidence to advance a new candidate for Jack the Ripper ; Thomas Cutbush worked in Whitechapel, was suspected at the time of the Ripper crimes, his description closely matched that given for the Ripper and he was sent to Broadmoor for similar crimes, where he died in 1903, after which the murders ceased. The book also reveals the cover up to prevent the identity of the Ripper being revealed and why.

Bullock, an actor who appeared in the BBC series Friends and Crocodiles and was a finalist in Reading’s Festival of Crime Writing, now works for Thames Valley Police. He has been researching the book for fifteen years and is the first person to have been granted access to the Broadmoor files on which the book is based.

Andrew Lownie said “Over the last twenty-five years, I have been offered countless books on Jack the Ripper but this one has the ring of truth. David Bullock convincingly shows that his candidate fits all the known evidence .”

David Bullock stated “My hope is to show the Jack the Ripper case in a brand new light and bring to the reader the fresh and intriguing tale of Thomas Hayne Cutbush, as well as dispelling the biggest myth of all - that Jack the Ripper was never caught.”

Sam Carter comments: “David and Andrew took me on a chilling tour of Whitechapel and got me hooked on this fresh and convincing take on an endlessly fascinating story. We’re delighted to have this book on the list for August this year.”