Wonderful endorsements for The Lives of Tudor Women

Elizabeth Norton’s The Lives of Tudor Women, published in October, has received two terrific endorsements :

‘Elizabeth Norton is one of our finest Tudor historians - and this book proves it. I was enthralled throughout by her brilliantly structured and beautifully crafted evocation of the lives of women of all classes in the Tudor age. It’s a book packed with a wealth of telling detail that brings life to its subjects and fascinating insights into their world. Essential reading for Tudor fans and scholars alike! I could not put it down.’ Alison Weir

‘Groundbreaking - a study of Tudor women, known and unknown, through the prism of Shakespeare’s seven ages of man. Norton seamlessly weaves together the experiences of the wealthy and powerful with those of ordinary women through the experiences - marriage, childbirth - that they all share. Widely researched and beautifully written, this is vivid and compelling history.’ Sarah Gristwood, author of Game of Queens