Drug memoir bought by Blink

Blink have bought UK & Commonwealth rights in writer Kris Hollington’s account of his early life as a drug addict.Higher Than The Sun: Coming Up in the 90s Underworld is is a unique descent-into-the-underworld/coming-of-age addiction story featuring mega-squats, illegal music/drugs festivals, magic mushroom parties, Hell’s Angels, Hari Krishnas, Lou Reed, stabbings, overdoses, police raids, smuggling missions, break-ins and fake weddings.

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Kris Hollington

Kris Hollington is a bestselling non-fiction author and ghost-writer of twenty books, several of which have been adapted for documentaries (including Channel 4’s Cutting Edge and ITV1’s Real Crime) and dramas.   The Interceptor: The Inside Story of the UK’s Elite Drug Squ...More about Kris Hollington