Praise for Stalin's War

Sean McMeekin’s revisionist history of World War Two , Stalin’s War,,published by Penguin and Basic in April has had starred reviews in Publishers Weekly and KIrkus

‘Yet another winner for McMeekin, this also serves as a worthy companion to Niall Ferguson’s The Pity of War, which argued that Britain should not have entered World War 1. Brilliant contrarian history.’ Kirkus

‘Packed with incisive character sketches and illuminating analyses of military and diplomatic maneuvers, this is a skilful and persuasive reframing of the causes, developments, and repercussions of WW11. ‘Publishers Weekly

Amongst the endorsements

‘McMeekin’s approach in Stalin’s War is both original and refreshing, written as it is with a wonderful clarity’. Antony Beevor

“Gripping, authoritative, accessible, and always bracingly revisionist.” Simon Sebag Montefiore

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Sean McMeekin

Sean McMeekin

Sean McMeekin was born in Idaho, raised in Rochester NY, and educated at Stanford and UC Berkeley.  He has been fascinated by modern history ever since playing Winston Churchill in a school reenactment of the Yalta Conference at age 15, and Joseph McCarthy in an even more outlandish reenactm...More about Sean McMeekin