Alexander Larman


England, 1666. Plague sweeps the land. The king has been on the throne for six years. The country is at war with the Dutch. Isaac Newton sits in his mother’s garden and watches an apple fall. Samuel Pepys falls in love with an actress. The subversive preacher John Bunyan radicalises the inmates of Bedford Gaol. Lord Rochester begins a scandalous poetic career. And a fiery reckoning threatens to destroy everything.


In Restoration, Alexander Larman portrays a country in the throes of social, political and cultural change following the convulsions of civil war, the rule of Cromwell’s Protectorate and the Restoration of the monarchy. From bishops to brothel-keepers, from courtiers to coachmakers, from hawkers to haberdashers, and from poets to prostitutes, he investigates how the people of the time thought, ate, drank, loved and died, bringing alive in vivid detail the England of three hundred and fifty years ago. 

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  • Author: Alexander Larman
  • Published Year: 2016
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: Head of Zeus

Alexander Larman

Alexander Larman is an author and journalist. After studying English at Oxford, from where he graduated with a First, he began a career that included work on titles such as the Observer, New Statesman and GQ, before he made the leap to being a full-time writer in 2012. Since then, he has published three books to date. His debut, Blazing Star, a biography of the decadent poet and courtier Lord Rochester, was published in 2014, to critical acclaim. It was followed by Restoration, a social and narrative history of the year 1666, and Byron’s Women, an ‘anti-biography’ of the f...
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Book Reviews

  • "Fascinating…beguiling…intriguing facts come at the reader with the force and frequency of juggernauts on a highway…sit back, relax and enjoy the view of an extraordinary year."
  • "An excellent, wide-ranging book about a period of history that contains far more of interest than simply the Great Fire."
    Daily Express
  • "Accessible and entertaining."
  • "An accessible snapshot, which manages to give labourers and royalty equal billing."