Fit to Work
Ann & Joe Cusack

Fit to Work

Disabled mother-of-nine Jodey Whiting killed herself after the DWP stopped all her benefits and ruled she was fit to work.  Penniless and at rock bottom, Jodey took her own life.


In Fit To Work Jodey’s mother, Joy Dove, 67, tells of her fight for justice.


Joy has launched: ‘Justice For Jodey’ which aims to hold the DWP to account and to prevent other tragedies. Her campaign has seen her take centre stage at the Labour Party conference, she has met with politicians and lawyers and other grieving families, and she has argued her case in the high court and in the media. Her latest drive for justice has seen her appeal a high court decision against holding a second inquest for her daughter.


Jodey’s death highlights many sociological issues; austerity and the catastrophic failings of the benefits system, as well as offering a platform for a general examination of the role of humanity and kindness in our society.


Above all, it is a story of a mother’s love.

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