Bob Dickinson Biography

Bob Dickinson

R.H. (Bob) Dickinson is a freelance writer and author of several short stories, and now his first novel, ‘Kidon’. Currently living in Connecticut, he was born in upstate New York, but considers himself first and foremost a Vermonter, having spent the most important parts of his life in the Green Mountains.

Inspired by a most eclectic group of writers, ranging from Ernest Hemingway to Kurt Vonnegut to Ambrose Bierce, and yes, even Nicholas Sparks, he is a self-styled adventurer and pilot; a weekend warrior with a passion for the outdoors. He prefers fishing to golf, dogs to cats, flying to bowling, and marvels at the wonders of nature that most people either take for granted or just plain don't notice.

He has at times worked as a welder, architect, homebuilder and salesman, including a project for NASA. He has attended several colleges majoring in engineering and aviation, but has always subscribed to Mark Twain’s point of view: “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

How I Found the Agency

After completing my novel, I investigated many on-line websites that specialize in locating “the right agent”. I began concentrating on New York based agencies but a friend recommended sending query letters to UK agents as well. It didn’t take long to discover through my scrutiny that the Andrew Lownie Literary Agency was considered to be one of the most respected agencies on both continents.

While my manuscript has received a good response as well as form rejection from other agencies, David Haviland welcomed my query letter and manuscript sample with the perfect amount of constructive praise and enthusiasm. His insights should prove invaluable to moving my novel forward.

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