Bob Dickinson


On a frozen November morning in 1940, ten-year-old Misha Vogel, a German born Jew, stands locked in a rail car bound for a Nazi labor camp and an unknown fate.

While Misha’s bond with an orphaned girl named Ilse gives him the will to endure, his sole hope for survival lies in his knowledge of his father’s craft, a skill which is exploited for profit. Misha’s years of labor in the camp succeed in making Reinhardt Stoeger, his ambitious SS keeper, a wealthy man. Misha’s only rewards are a murdered family and a hasty bullet.

Left for dead, he survives by the grace of an American GI. He’s given a new home and a fresh start in the U.S., but his peaceful life is stolen from him once again. Years later, the man responsible for the death of his family and massacre of thousands is exposed, hiding deep in the jungles of French Indochina.

Now a young man with a promising military career, Misha throws it all away to pursue the man who destroyed his family. But Stoeger is not the only unexpected reappearance in his life.

Trapped in the middle of another war, Misha must beat the odds against survival once again before he can search for the girl he thought he had lost.

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  • Author: Bob Dickinson
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Bob Dickinson

R.H. (Bob) Dickinson is a freelance writer and author of several short stories, and now his first novel, ‘Kidon’. Currently living in Connecticut, he was born in upstate New York, but considers himself first and foremost a Vermonter, having spent the most important parts of his life in the Green Mountains.Inspired by a most eclectic group of writers, ranging from Ernest Hemingway to Kurt Vonnegut to Ambrose Bierce, and yes, even Nicholas Sparks, he is a self-styled adventurer and pilot; a weekend warrior with a passion for the outdoors. He prefers fishing to golf, dogs to cats, ...
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