Never in Jeans: The Lady Gaga Style Guide
Chloe Govan

Never in Jeans: The Lady Gaga Style Guide

From meeting President Obama in 16 inch heels  to greeting the queen in a bright red latex bodysuit, Gaga’s outrageous outfits have raised eyebrows – not to mention made headlines – the world over. In fact, “Lady Gaga’s clothes” is one of the world’s most Googled phrases in the English language.

Yet while the internet is ablaze with photographs, there have been surprisingly few words in explanation of what she wears. Who inspired her? Who designed her clothes? Most importantly, what are the hidden metaphors and messages behind each outfit?

As Gaga, watched by the world, treads the fine line between legendary style icon and grotesque walking fashion faux pas, she makes political, satirical, societal and feminist statements through her clothes too – something the press rarely cover. As well as detailing her influences and motivations, there's even a section on how to recreate her distinctive looks.

Combining lavish illustrations with detailed narrative and – for the first time ever in a book – interviews with her creative directors, stylists, designers and fellow artists, this title aims, through style, to decode one of the most famous pop icons of all time.

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  • Author: Chloe Govan
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Chloe Govan

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