Psychoanalysing Russell Brand
Chloe Govan

Psychoanalysing Russell Brand

Until now, all there was to know about Russell could be found in his candid autobiographies, but Psychoanalysing Russell Brand shows a different side to him - and it won't have been seen before. Using not just exclusive insights from those who know him, but - uniquely - those of qualified psychotherapists, this title gets under the skin of one of the most colourful and controversial comedians of the 21st century to reveal the real Russell and what truly motivates his behaviour.

Previously unheard stories are included about his private homosexual encounters and past relationships with secret live-in girlfriends he promised to marry, while there are behind the scenes accounts of exactly what went wrong during his stormy 14-month marriage to Katy Perry.

His bulimia, sex addiction, self-harm, childhood sexual abuse and suicide threats are all covered, while the book also takes a closer look at his childhood, examining how triggers from from his past led him to become the psychologically complex star he is today.

Combining a tradiational biography packed with exclusive interviews and unheard revelations with an in-depth psychological portrait informed by professional psychoanalysts, the title unmasks the real Russell in an account that will surprise and intrigue even his longstanding fans.

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  • Author: Chloe Govan
  • On Submission
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Chloe Govan

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