Taylor Swift: The Rise of the Nashville Teen
Chloe Govan

Taylor Swift: The Rise of the Nashville Teen

Tall, blonde, blue-eyed and beautiful, Taylor Swift is the archetypal male fantasy – yet, ironically, she “doesn’t want to be seen as sexy”. Instead, she’s on a mission to conquer the world not through her beauty, but through her music. And – with more than 20 million albums sold at just 22 – that ambition is well on the way to becoming a reality.

Taylor wrote her first song aged five and, less than 10 years later, she was Sony’s youngest ever staff writer. She was renowned as a “teenage genius” but also became a Christian role model and unwavering picture of innocence.

She played nuns in theatre productions, dated preachers’ sons who pledged to save their virginity until marriage, refused to flash her flesh in public and has never touched a drop of alcohol. Yet is she really as innocent as she seems? Is the good-girl image part of an elaborate act or is she truly the clean-cut American dream? Plus what is the story behind the intense relationships that inspired the hopeless romantic’s love songs?

This first ever UK biography gives emphasis not only to her intriguing personal life and colourful romances but also to her childhood history and her time spent developing the unique talent that made her a teenage millionaire.

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  • Author: Chloe Govan
  • Published Year: 2012
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    • UK: Omnibus

Chloe Govan

In the beginning, there was the word – and the word was music. Chloe couldn’t tell you much about what’s happening in Eastenders – she doesn’t even know who the characters are – but ask her about music and she is a veritable encyclopaedia.In her teens she toured the world with bands and produced her own music magazine. By the time she left school, her tutor’s report in her National Record of Achievement read: “A writer beyond all possible doubt, Chloe is at her best behind a pen” and “her innate linguistic fluency is outstanding&rd...
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