Diana Kader Biography

Diana Kader

Diana was born in the Yemen in 1982 and came to Manchester as a baby. She grew up in a loving and devout Muslim family in Eccles, and attended both Arabic school on Saturdays and conventional school. She was a promising student, and eventually graduated from Salford University in 2005 with a degree in Biology.

Diana arrived in the Yemen for a year off in July 2005, with her parents and siblings. Her mother and youngest sisters returned home in September, while her older sisters, Diana and father remained in the Yemen. In November 2005 she received the first offer of marriage from the wealthy suitor, which she turned down. He continued asking for her hand in marriage for two months. In March and April 2006 her two sisters got married in the Yemen. On 20 May 2006 her wealthy and powerful suitor made the first serious attempt on her life, and she was then hospitalized, after which other attempts were also made.

Diana arrived back in the UK in June 2006. She spent three months in intensive care  and a remaining two years in hospital. She returned to hospital for much of 2009 for further operations. mostly reconstructive surgery after the damage done to her intestines and stomach by the Yemeni doctors. She is still on morphine and other pain killers, has permanent nerve damage, can no longer run and often cannot walk unaided. At times she experiences depression and post traumatic stress. But she remains defiantly courageous.  

Diana says: ‘I look fine from the outside but my body is scarred all over. The tracheotomy scar on my throat is visible. I use to hate my scars, I was fit and healthy, took care of my body, and didn’t have a mark on it, now it’s marked all over. I couldn’t look at my body, so how could anyone else?  But my scars tell a story, a story of hope, determination and freedom. They are a part of me and will forever be so I have come to accept them and be proud of them.’

In June 2010 Diana returned to the Yemen to seek justice but did not succeed. All avenues were closed to her. The community had condoned what had happened to her. She deserved her fate.

In September 2010 Diana returned to university to get a further degree in Biological science and is now a police scientist.

She has not given up on her search for justice. 

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