Hear My Cry
Diana Kader

Hear My Cry
  • Hear My Cry is the true story of a Yemeni/British woman, Diana Kader, who successfully resisted a forced marriage whilst on a dream holiday to the Yemen after taking her first degree. Unlike almost all other forced marriages covered in previous books, she was backed up in her decision by her family.
  • Diana’s spurned suitor, who was from a wealthy and influential family in the second most powerful city in the Yemen, Taiz, then tried to murder her by running her off the road with a petrol tanker. He broke her pelvis, arm and leg – but she survived. Then he phoned her father and threatened to leave her to die by the side of the road ‘like a dog’.
  • In the end, instead, he brought her to a hospital. There, he tried to have her killed twice more – once by bribing doctors to expose her to dangerous and unnecessary treatment, and by bringing in a gunman. When her father tried to fly her out to the UK for medical treatment, the suitor bribed the travel agent to cancel the flights four times. Diana’s father had to bribe Yemen’s police commissioner to get Diana home. 
  • Diana spent weeks in intensive care and nearly three years in rehab. She was told she would never walk again. But she was determined to do so; however, she has permanent disabilities.
  • In 2010 she returned to the Yemen on crutches to seek justice. It was denied – by police, the hospital, lawyers, the Prime Minister and charities. But she has not given up. This is her story of her inspiring fight against forced marriage and ‘honour crimes’. Her suitor is still free. 

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  • Author: Diana Kader
  • On Submission
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    • Poland: Hachette Polska.
Diana Kader

Diana Kader

Diana was born in the Yemen in 1982 and came to Manchester as a baby. She grew up in a loving and devout Muslim family in Eccles, and attended both Arabic school on Saturdays and conventional school. She was a promising student, and eventually graduated from Salford University in 2005 with a degree in Biology. Diana arrived in the Yemen for a year off in July 2005, with her parents and siblings. Her mother and youngest sisters returned home in September, while her older sisters, Diana and father remained in the Yemen. In November 2005 she received the first offer of marriage from the wealt...
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