Regency Romance: Real-life Love Stories from the Age of Elegance
Felicity Day

Regency Romance: Real-life Love Stories from the Age of Elegance

2021 marks 100 years since Georgette Heyer – undisputed queen of the Regency romance – published her first novel, and in the intervening period we’ve lost none of our appetite for her witty tales of dashing heroes, independently minded heroines and high society high-jinks. But how far does the classic Heyer tale reflect the realities of romance in the age of elegance? 

Covering the period 1780-1830, this illustrated collection of real-life stories of men and women who fell in (and sometimes out of) love in the long Regency offers readers the chance to find out. Here are tales of rakish suitors, rich heiresses and runaway marriages; true stories of love and loss, scandal and sorrow, that give not only a glimpse of courtship in the age of Jane Austen, but an insight into what happened once the wedding bells stopped ringing...

  • Sixteen short biographies of real couples who met, courted and married in the age of Austen, beautifully illustrated with contemporary portraiture and paintings.
  • Featuring the heir to Longleat who eloped with the daughter of a local toll-gate keeper, and the Duke of Richmond’s son who married an opera singer; a couple whose courtship was kick-started by a carriage accident, a love match thwarted by ambitious parents, and a courageous wife turned widow in the wake of Waterloo. 
  • Four additional chapters of social history setting the scene for readers – again using the experiences of real couples by way of example – and explaining everything from the importance of Almack’s, the so-called ‘marriage mart’ of the Regency, to the aristocracy’s preference for marrying behind closed doors.
  • All written and researched in the spirit of both Heyer and Austen – the women featured are not meek, complying misses waiting to catch a man’s eye, but strong, spirited, witty and talented heroines. They became wives and mothers, but they also had political opinions and business responsibilities, took charge of their estates, established charitable foundations and thought little of crossing a battlefield.

The author is an Austen and Heyer aficionado with journalism experience. She has searched hard to find real-life parallels to the stories of both writers with a view to attracting fans of their novels and providing press/publicity hooks

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  • Author: Felicity Day
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Felicity Day

In 2016  Felicity Day took a leap of faith, leaving her job with the Government Legal Department to find the kind of work that would make her jump out of bed on a Monday morning.   She found it when, alongside stints in a school, an archive centre and a library, she began to write magazine features that allowed her to indulge her passion for history, and the life and times of Jane Austen in particular. Her first piece appeared in Jane Austen’s Regency World in 2017, and since then she has written about British history and heritage for a whole range of publications, from Th...
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