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Hannah Wright

Hannah Wright is 39 and lives in Dublin. She wants to share her story to help other women who may be trapped in the sex industry, and to reveal how a childhood of family abuse led her to make the dangerous decisions she made. She wants to use a pseudonym to protect her family.


Broken in two is a story of despair, hope, addiction, abuse and in the end, happiness. Her book will connect to others who have found themselves in a similar situation – with those who have experienced abuse, prostitution and drug or alcohol addiction.


Hannah’s strength and courage shines through as she flips between her childhood and life at home, and her life as a sex worker. The ‘Emma’ and ‘Hannah’ chapters define how she has lived two different lives, with her childhood full of abuse ultimately leading to her working the street.


Never demanding pity but simply explaining how a life of abuse was very normal for her, Hannah wishes to empower women stuck in the sex industry and to shed some light on the seedy world which they may enter into - no matter the area, because she has experienced them all.


She says: “Behind every girl stood on the street corner is a very damaged and damaged person. I am no longer broken and hope my book will help others understand how they – we - ended up there and to assure them that there is a way out.”








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