John Bryant Biography

John Bryant

John Bryant was born in South London and started his first band, The Shifters, before he left school. He was signed to Polydor as a solo recording artist and was the first non-US finalist in the American Song Festival. He left the music industry after the advent of punk and ran a design and advertising consultancy before becoming the founding editor of Satellite Times, the UK's first satellite TV listings magazine. He is an award-winning designer, continues to compose, and has written screenplays and co-written a series of ten books for children. He still lives in South London with his partner and two manic Yorkshire Terriorists.

How I Found the Agency

I found Andrew via an agent with whom my partner and I had optioned a book for film. She recommended I write to Andrew. Having looked through the list of successful and accomplished authors on Andrew’s website, I thought she might have been teasing me. However, having always been of the opinion that if you don’t ask, you don’t get, I sent the manuscript to Andrew. I was genuinely shocked when he said he liked it and agreed to represent it.

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