The Frontier Society: Volume One – The American Condor
Kieran Lynn

The Frontier Society: Volume One – The American Condor

Twelve-year-old Sam Eaglestone is whiling away the summer holidays at Eaglestone Maps and Atlases, the shop owned by his mother Jude. When an old man arrives claiming he knows Sam, Jude interrupts and uncharacteristically sends him away. The following morning, the old man sends Sam a letter introducing himself as Montgomery “Monty” Eaglestone, Sam’s grandfather, and curator of The Museum of Recovered History, an almost forgotten museum owned by the Eaglestone family for generations. He invites Sam to the museum where all will be revealed.

When Sam goes, Monty gives him a wristwatch called the Pacific Watch – one of five watches named after the great oceans of the world that allow the wearer to travel through time. The Eaglestone family have used these watches to travel in time and save important artefacts that would otherwise have been lost, which they then display in the museum. However, when Sam’s father died during an expedition, Jude decided that this was not the future she wanted for her son and forbade Monty from seeing them. 

Now the Museum of Recovered History faces closure. Bills are piling up, visitors are at an all-time low and the bureaucratic Museum Alliance seems set on shutting them down. Monty needs an exciting new artefact to revitalise interest – however, he is too old to endure the hardships of time travel. Sam must to take his place. If Sam accepts, he will travel to the Peruvian Andes in the 1920’s and join a British expedition led by charismatic explorer Harrison Hawks. Harrison found a lost city in the Andes called the City of the Clouds that Monty suspects might be the resting place of an important, famous and long lost pre-Incan relic known as the American Condor. Sam accepts.

On his journey Sam meets Madeline Pierce, an American girl with a watch of her own. She is searching for her archaeologist mother who has been taken prisoner by Rex Rathbone, a greedy treasure hunter carving up the continent in search of the American Condor.

After saving Elizabeth from Rex onboard his private train travelling through the Andes, they journey deep into the heart of the Amazon Rainforest with charismatic explorer Harrison Hawks. There they find a long lost city and the American Condor, but almost as soon as they do, Rex steals it and tries to make an escape in his airship.

Sam and Madeline pursue, but before they get their hands on the statue, Rex gets his hands on the Pacific Watch and travels to the present. Sam and Madeline return to the present to find Rex looting the museum. They hatch a plan to beat him once and for all, take back the American Condor and return him to his own time, where he belongs.

Days later at a special gala, Monty unveils the American Condor and makes Sam and Madeline the newest members of the Frontier Society. He hints about another artefact he’s interested in in Africa, but is quickly interrupted by Elizabeth and Jude.

Madeline and Elizabeth return to New York, via the Galapagos Islands, and Jude takes Sam back to the Eaglestone Maps and Atlases. Sam has had the adventure that he always wanted, and there’s plenty more to come, but he has also learned that going away is great, but there’s a special feeling that you get when you come home.

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  • Author: Kieran Lynn
  • On Submission
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Kieran Lynn

Kieran Lynn trained as an actor and has since worked as a playwright amongst other things. He’s had plays produced in theatres across the UK and around the world, including An Incident at the Border at the Trafalgar Studios, Pushing Up Poppies at Theatre 503, Bunnies at the Oran Mor Theatre, The Recurring Rise and Fall at the Hampstead Theatre and Breaking the Ice at the Traverse Theatre. The Frontier Society: Volume One – The American Condor is his first novel.
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