The Blackbird Singularity
Matt Wilven

The Blackbird Singularity

The Blackbird Singularity is a first-person literary novel about the struggle to start a new life after losing a four-year-old child to cancer. Following his son Charlie’s death, our narrator, Vince, disappeared for two weeks, suffered a mental breakdown and accrued a debilitating amount of debt. His partner, Lyd (an exceptional particle physicist), forgave him for running out on her when she needed him the most but only on the condition that he kept taking the lithium he was prescribed at the psychiatric ward.

Locked away in their London home for the last two years, the lithium has been helping Vince cope with his daily life but his relationship with Lyd has become distant and he has been unable to write his next, long-overdue novel. When a surprise pregnancy falls upon them, Vince decides that he wants to become the best partner and father he can be and secretly stops taking his medication.

In the midst of his chemical withdrawal, Vince barely holds the pieces of his life (or reality) together. Somewhere between making friends with a blackbird in the back garden and hearing his dead son’s footsteps in the attic, he finds himself lost and alone, journeying through a world of chaos and darkness, completely unaware of the miracle that lies ahead…

This is a brave narrative that stretches beyond its central question of how an unstable man gets over the loss of his child and dares to ask if a modern person can believe in anything beyond the self.

Book Details:

  • Author: Matt Wilven
  • Published Year: 2016
  • Rights Sold
    • World English: Legend Press

Matt Wilven

Matt Wilven was born in Blackpool in 1982. After receiving an MA with Distinction in Creative Writing, he spent the next ten years honing his craft. His part-time jobs in this time included: bingo caller, ice-cream man, fishmonger, paintball operative, camel derby caller, soap seller, copywriter, rollercoaster operator, warehouse packer, old people feeder and DJ workshop coordinator. Fresh from burying a library of juvenilia beneath his ex-landlord’s patio, he has emerged as a debut novelist with a distinct, accessible voice and an eye as keen for reality as it is the surreal.&nb...
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