Nikkia Roberson Biography

Nikkia Roberson

Born in 1991, Nikkia Roberson grew up in Amityville, New York. At seven years old her world fell apart when her mother killed her younger brother and sister. By then Nikkia had gone to live with her father and it was years before she discovered the truth about their deaths. In time Nikkia came to rebuild a relationship with her mentally ill mother and started to write in order to come to terms with her troubled past. Mummy is a Killer was published by Ebury in November 2012. Nikkia now blames the system for failing to protect her family, not her mother. She and her siblings were repeatedly removed from the home while her mother was in and out of mental institutions, but they always went back home. Nikkia now lives in Augusta, Georgia where she has recently given birth to twins. She hopes that her story will help other families struggling to come to terms with mental illness and help them to get the right help at the right time.

‘Mental illness is a taboo in our society,’ she says. ‘If my book can help one other person then it would have been worthwhile. No child should have to suffer in the way my brother and sister suffered.’