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Tina McGuff

Tina McGuff fought a terrible battle with anorexia in her teens.

Today she is determined to share her story in her memoir Seconds To Snap in a bid to reach young people and their carers.

Tina, 44, says: ‘People have this impression that only rich kids get anorexia – and that it’s quite glamorous. I was a poor kid from a broken home in Dundee. And nothing of it was glamorous at all.’

After years of therapy and counseling Tina is passionate about the importance of discussing mental health and recognizing the signs of distress in the young.

She is a mother with three children living at home – Danny, 24, John, 17, and Holli, 15 - and works in the finance department of a company that provides services for the oil and gas industry. She also gives talks to psychology students about anorexia.  

She says: ‘It took seconds for me to snap – and a lifetime to recover. But I never take my mental health for granted and I want to reach out to others now to encourage people to open up about these issues. Anorexia is such a dark, isolated world, I know that I am lucky to be alive today. ‘

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