Winston Churchill’s Great Game: How Nineteenth Century Grand Strategy Shaped the Twentieth Century’s Cold War
Warren Dockter

Winston Churchill’s Great Game: How Nineteenth Century Grand Strategy Shaped the Twentieth Century’s Cold War

Winston Churchill’s Great Game examines Winston Churchill’s role in the Cold War and will show that his attitudes and policies relating to Soviet Russia during the Second World War and Cold War were predicated on his understanding of the Victorian geopolitics of the ’great game’ in his youth.  It will demonstrate vividly that Churchill Victorian education and his inheritance of his father’s politics dominated his world view with respect to Russia and as a result his policies and views were heavily influenced by nineteenth century geo-political strategy.

Drawing on manynew sources, this book will offer a departure from the established  literature which argues that Churchill’s view of the Soviet Union was an absolute ideological opposition to Communism, with little regard for other factors. For instance, this will reveal that the policy of containment adopted by the US and UK in the post war world, was shaped by the containment policies for the Russian Empire in the nineteenth century.  

Framing this study in terms of the dialectics of grand strategy (rather than the traditional context of the confrontation between capitalism and communism) will help trace Churchill in his own social context as well as within contemporary currents of British politics, technology, education, imperialism and decolonisation.


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Warren Dockter

Warren Dockter is a Research Fellow at Clare Hall, Cambridge and lecturer at the University of London, Royal Holloway. He is a historian who studies British Imperialism and international relations in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, especially concerning the Middle East. He is also an expert on Winston Churchill and is the Academic Officer for the International Churchill Society (UK) and a contributor to and the Daily Telegraph.        Warren Dockter is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and gained his PhD at the University o...
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  • "A well done and important work."
    Prof Wm Roger Louis, Times Literary Supplement