Fugitives : A History of Nazi Mercenaries During the Cold War
Danny Orbach

Fugitives : A History of Nazi Mercenaries During the Cold War


In the aftermath of WWII, the victorious Allies vowed to hunt Nazi war criminals “to the ends of the earth”. Yet many slipped away to the four corners of the world or were shielded by the Western Allies in exchange for cooperation. Other Nazi fugitives became freelance arms traffickers, spies and covert operators, playing a crucial role in the clandestine struggle between the superpowers.  From posh German restaurants, smuggler-infested Yugoslav ports, Sauerkraut-reeking Damascene safehouses, Egyptian country clubs and fascist holdouts in Franco's Spain, Nazi spies created a chaotic network of influence and information. This network was tapped by both superpowers, as well as by the West German, French and Israeli secret services. States, governments and spy agencies attached excessive importance to Nazi agents, adding a combustible ingredient to the Cold War covert struggle.

Shrouded in government secrecy, clouded by myths and propaganda, the tangled and often paradoxical tale of these Nazi fugitives and adventurers has never been properly told - until now.



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Danny Orbach

Danny Orbach

A veteran of Israeli intelligence, Danny Orbach is an associate professor for history and Asian studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He  studied for more than ten years in Tel Aviv, Tokyo and Harvard Universities. As a historian, commentator and political blogger, he  has published extensively on German, Japanese, Chinese, Israeli and Middle Eastern history, with a special focus on military resistance, disobedience, rebellions and political assassinations. He is also studying the history of espionage, intelligence and military adventurers.   
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Book Reviews

  • "  Uncovering incredible details from Mossad’s previously unseen archives, Orbach’s excellent book reveals the truth of what was, until now, a murky legend: the astounding collaboration between fugitives of the Third Reich and the secret services of both Soviet and West-allied powers, including Israel itself."
    Roger Faligot, author of Chinese Spies