How to Submit

The Agency is always looking to take on new authors but only accepts submissions by email. It aims to reply within two weeks. Submissions should take the following form:


  • 1 page mini-synopsis highlighting with bullet points what makes the book new and special with proposed word count and delivery date
  • 1 page on qualifications to write the book
  • 1 page with a few lines on the five most recent competing and comparable books giving author, title, publisher and date of publication together with a note on how the books relate to the author's own book
  • 1 page on sources used
  • 1 page on any specialist marketing outlets such as websites, organisations or magazines
  • ½ page synopsis per chapter – about ten pages
  • A sample chapter

Do I accept unpublished authors?

About half the list consists of previously unpublished writers and the agency takes considerable trouble assessing the several thousands of submissions each year.

What mistakes should I avoid when submitting work?

Don’t send blanket submissions clearly addressed to lots of agents at the same time. Don’t send submissions that are badly-spelt, poorly-presented or ungrammatical. Do send submissions by email, not by post.

Any advice for an author?

Be professional in your approach, be aware of the competing and comparable literature, learn your craft, accept advice and adapt, read widely, don't give up and find a good literary agent.