Fleeced!: How we've been betrayed by the politicians, bureaucrats and bankers...and what it's cost us
David Craig

Fleeced!: How we've been betrayed by the politicians, bureaucrats and bankers...and what it's cost us

Since the Labour government came to power in 1997, trillions of pounds of our money seem to have gone up in smoke. Huge amounts were wasted in a shopaholic splurge of public-sector spending and trillions more evaporated in the economic crash. But as the rest of us have become increasingly impoverished, the ruling caste of politicians, bureaucrats and bankers have become almost unimaginably rich. Fleeced! shows how the people in power have duped us and why we need to fight back against our arrogant, self-serving rulers if we are to stop the rapid decline in our society and once again start to improve our own and our childrens' lives.

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  • Author: David Craig
  • Published Year: 2009
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    • UK: Constable

David Craig

For over 20 years, David Craig has worked for and competed against some of the world's best and worst management consultancies. He has sold consulting in 15 countries in Europe, US and Asia to almost 100 organizations, including Disney, Mobil, Dupont, Roche, Air France, Eurotunnel, The NHS, CapGemini, Unilever and many others. He is the author of four other books on management and organizations
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  • "  "Extremely well written synopsis of how we have slid into a financial mess, from the self-serving banking ego-maniacs, to the government ministry of lethargy, these authors should be in government as they are totally on the pulse and send a call to our leaders who have been governing very little."   5.0 out of 5 stars Chronicles Britain's final decline and fall, 25 Oct 2009 Given the author's previous books, predictably excellent account of how 12 years of NuLabour has wrecked Britain, impoverished millions and rewarded the few beyond the dreams of avarice. The gravy train you just knew existed but could never get on is laid bare and the Fabian nomenklatura in the 'big tent' are identified. Every day now, the papers uncover more corruption, cronyism and theft amongst the elite who for years have sneered at the 'little people' they've crushed under the tax burden. (The unlucky ones having been killed by medical bungling or MRSA). Brown's 'scorched earth' policies will mean the incoming Tory government will inherit the worst economic situation for in a 100 years, having left NuLabour one of the best in 1997. If anyone has doubts about the wisdom of fleeing bust, broken Britain then buy this book! "
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