Hugh Pym Biography

Hugh Pym

Hugh Pym is Chief Economics Correspondent for BBC News.  He has been amongst the leading broadcasters on the banking crisis and ensuing recession, from Northern Rock through the collapse of Lehmans to the unprecedented bailouts of Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds/HBOS and the continued aftermath across the British economy.

He took on the post of Economics Editor, covering Stephanie Flanders's maternity leave, during the dramatic events of 2008. He was part of the BBC News team, alongside Robert Peston, which won a Royal Television Society Award for coverage of the banking crisis.

Hugh is co-author, with Nick Kochan of The Guinness Affair (1987) and Gordon Brown, First Year in Power (1997).

How I Found the Agency


I have known Andrew Lownie for many years and was keen to work with him because of his strong record with non-fiction.