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Matt Calveley

Matt Calveley was born in Lytham, Lancashire. As a child, he dreamed of one day becoming a cop – if only to drive fast cars. Matt’s wish came true in 1986 when, aged 21, he joined the Metropolitan Police, where he would spend the next 30 years chasing villains in a career brimming with accolades.


On the Met’s frontline, Matt fought violent criminals, arrested thousands, and regularly dealt with horrific death scenes .He risked his life on the Job and suffered multiple injuries while on duty.


Throughout his career, Matt served as custody sergeant, provided jury protection during a huge corruption trial, and qualified as a mass fatality specialist. But Matt’s area of expertise was enforcing the law on London’s roads. He became one of the force’s most respected traffic cops and, as a forensic collision investigator, won the Livia Award after single-handedly cracking a hit-and-run case. From dealing with arrogant motorists, catching drink drivers and facing catastrophic road deaths, to white-knuckle car chases and painstakingly reconstructing crash scenes, Matt has seen – and survived – it all.


Matt retired from the Met in 2016 with a certificate of exemplary service. A qualified pilot and scuba diver, Matt also enjoys salsa dancing and long walks in the Worcestershire countryside, where he lives with his wife Julie.


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