Jail Bird : The Life and Crimes Of An Essex Bad Girl
Tracy Mackness

Jail Bird : The Life and Crimes Of An Essex Bad Girl

Tracy Mackness is an Essex bad girl turned good.

Now an award-winning and dynamic business woman, Tracy has come to success and happiness the long way round, via dropping out at 13, serious partying, drugs, gypsies, police fit-ups, shocking domestic violence, suicide attempts, and the inside of some of Britain’s toughest prisons.

This is Tracy’s story - the story of how a life can spiral out of control.

It is also the story of how a bond with a mother pig grieving for her babies on a prison farm inspired Tracy to turn her life around. Armed with a raw intelligence, charm, and an iron will to succeed, Tracy devoted the remainder of her sentence to learning everything there was to know about pig farming. With her market trader’s patter and striking Giggly Pig brand, Tracy has become a fixture at London’s top farmer’s markets. She now employs 20 people in a business that turns over more than £500,000 a year.

Book Details:

  • Author: Tracy Mackness
  • Published Year: 2013
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: Simon & Schuster

Tracy Mackness

Tracy Mackness is an Essex bad girl turned good.She is now the owner of the successful “farm to fork” Giggly Pig Company, with its distinctive pink and black vans, and its slogan “No fat or crap in our sausages!”. She is passionate about pigs, farming, and the challenges of running a small business.But underneath the warm twinkle in her eye is that hint of menace that makes it easy to imagine her in one of her many previous bad girl guises - teenage tearaway, gypsy wife, gangster’s moll, model prisoner.Tracy was inspired to turn her life around whilst in priso...
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