Waffen SS: A Military History
Adrian Gilbert

Waffen SS: A Military History

The Waffen SS was the military wing of Himmler’s SS and one of the most feared combat organizations of the 20th century. Originally formed as a protection squad for Adolf Hitler it was to develop into an essential element of the Nazi state, with 900,000 men under arms.

The crucial role of the Waffen SS in furthering the aims of the Third Reich is the central theme of Adrian Gilbert’s illuminating portrayal of Hitler’s political soldiers. During its short history, the elite divisions of the Waffen SS acquired a reputation for military excellence, but their superb battlefield record was tarnished by repeated atrocities against soldiers and civilians.

The author will provide a new and authoritative overview of the Waffen SS, with emphasis placed on major incidents and key individuals. The book will also analyze its specialist training and review the vital contribution of foreign volunteers, as well as describing the battles and campaigns that brought it both fame and notoriety.

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Adrian Gilbert

Adrian Gilbert

Adrian Gilbert has written several books on military history, most notably on the First and Second World Wars and sharpshooting. His most recent book, POW: Allied Prisoners in Europe 1939-1945, was published by John Murray in October 2006 and was acclaimed by The Sunday Times as one of its books of the year .Adrian Gilbert is also an authority on combat sniping. His best-selling works on the subject include Sniper and Stalk and Kill, published on both sides of the Atlantic. Some of his other books include The Imperial War Museum Book of the Desert War, published in 1992 to coincide with the...
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  • "...riveting revelations about the diverse makeup of the notorious Nazi organization. "