Dyatlov Pass
Alan Baker

Dyatlov Pass

A novel based on the true-life mystery of the 'Dyatlov Pass Incident'.

In February 1959, a group of friends went on a ski-hiking trip to a remote mountain in the Northern Urals. Something killed them...

When a rescue expedition eventually found their camp, they discovered that for some unknown reason, the nine friends had cut their way out of their tent (instead of simply opening the flaps) and fled down the mountain, half-dressed and without their shoes. Some had died of hypothermia, while others had strange injuries which one medical examiner stated were consistent with a high-speed car crash. One of them had apparently had her tongue removed.

Alarmed and mystified, the Soviet government classified the case as top secret, and closed off the region to all civilians for the next three years.

Fifty years later, a man is discovered wandering in the wilderness, exhausted and terrified. His name is Viktor Strugatsky, an investigative journalist from Yekaterinburg, who recently accompanied a new expedition to the region. His four companions have vanished, and Strugatsky is taken into custody so that his mental state can be determined. While the Criminal Militia search for the missing people, Strugatsky tells his story to psychiatrist Dr Anatoliy Baskov, who has been asked to determine whether he is potentially fit to stand trial for their murder.

Strugatsky claims that his friends died while investigating the same unknown force which killed the hikers in 1959 – a force which still exists in the region known as Dyatlov Pass…

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  • Author: Alan Baker
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Alan Baker

Alan Baker

Alan Baker was born in 1964 in Birmingham, UK, and attended the University of Reading, where he obtained a BA (Hons) Degree in English Language and Literature. His first book, Destination Earth, was published in 1998, and since then he has published a further nine books on a variety of subjects ranging from UFOs, ghosts and occultism to gladiators, Vikings and medieval knights. Over the last couple of years, Alan has turned his attention to fiction writing. His steampunk novels The Martian Ambassador and The Feaster from the Stars have been published by Snowbooks Ltd, and he has just sold h...
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