The Enigmas of History: Myths, Mysteries and Madness from Around the World
Alan Baker

The Enigmas of History: Myths, Mysteries and Madness from Around the World

Mysteries have the power to delight and fascinate; they always have, and they always will. When one mystery is solved (often, but not always, to everyone’s satisfaction), another springs up to take its place. Some mysteries are earth-shattering in their implications, while others simply offer the mind a little intellectual exercise in the form of an intriguing puzzle to ponder while washing the dishes or walking the dog.

The Nightside of History is an entertaining and informative compendium of strange events and weird encounters with the unexplained, of historical mysteries and puzzles, and bewildering discoveries to unsettle and perplex the historian and general reader alike. Each self-contained chapter in the book covers a particular mystery, ranging across the globe and throughout history, from Atlantis to the Amazons, from the Ark of the Covenant to the enigma of the Black Madonnas, from the weird mystery of Spring-heeled Jack to visions of the Virgin Mary.

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  • Author: Alan Baker
  • Published Year: 2008
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: Mainstream
    • Poland: Amber
    • China: Commercial Press
    • Turkey: Dogan Kitap
    • Estonia: Koolibri
    • Large Print: W F Howe
    • Czech Republic: Volvox Globator
    • Greece: Kliddarithmos
    • Romania: Editura Allfa
Alan Baker

Alan Baker

Alan Baker was born in 1964 in Birmingham, UK, and attended the University of Reading, where he obtained a BA (Hons) Degree in English Language and Literature. His first book, Destination Earth, was published in 1998, and since then he has published a further nine books on a variety of subjects ranging from UFOs, ghosts and occultism to gladiators, Vikings and medieval knights. Over the last couple of years, Alan has turned his attention to fiction writing. His steampunk novels The Martian Ambassador and The Feaster from the Stars have been published by Snowbooks Ltd, and he has just sold h...
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Book Reviews

  • "The Enigmas of History is an enjoyable romp through familiar material (bible mysteries, witchcraft, conspiracy theories) with some surprising new takes (an interesting comparison between belief in fairies back then and aliens more recently). It's a good starting place for anyone who hasn't read such a book before. There are also some engaging and colourful characters I hadn't encountered before. These chapters on the occultist Count Cagliostro, the artist and magician Spare, well-known a century ago and forgotten now and the eccentric churchman turned experimental scientist John Murray Spear are some of the best reasons for acquiring this book."
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