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Angus Hanton

Angus Hanton admits to being a business economist by both training and instinct, having started two businesses in his teens, well before studying economics at Oxford University. Now he’s tethered to South London where he runs his companies, often working with American firms.


Angus has spent ten years writing about British public policy for the Intergenerational Foundation which lobbies the government to leave a better world for younger people and those who are yet unborn. This has led him into the murky world of Think-Tanks: many don’t do what their names suggest; instead they often push particular commercial interests of industries, many with particular ideologies.


Angus has vicarious North American roots as his mother was evacuated across the Atlantic during the war and always instilled the view that the transatlantic national relationships were of utmost significance to the British. He didn’t realise it would be to our detriment, effectively turning the UK into a vassal state.


How I Found the Agency

Writing was always the link with Andrew Lownie - Angus and Andrew were fellow winners of an essay-writing competition, the prize for which was a luxurious trip across Europe. Whilst travelling they got to know each other and explore ideas about ‘who runs this place’.  Since then Angus has followed Andrew’s career as a successful agent and author.  Andrew’s fascination for modern British History is long-held, including acting as agent for a 1988 book about Anglo-American relations, called, “Just another Star.”

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