Annabelle Forest Biography

Annabelle Forest

Annabelle Forest is a pseudonym since she was awarded lifelong anonymity by the courts as a victim of a satanic sex cult led by Colin Batley.

In 2011 she helped convict Batley and her own mother for a string of sex crimes against her and others.   

Now 24, Annabelle is happily settled with her long-term partner, daughter Emily, five, and is expecting her second child.

Since gaining her freedom, Annabelle has learned to adjust to life outside the bizarre religious cult that held her in its grasp for a decade.

In her memoir  The Devil on my Doorstep she hopes to inspire others living in abusive situations and encourage all of us to examine the duty of care we have towards those we come across in our everyday lives, be they neighbours, friends or colleagues.

She says: ‘It is time society took responsibility for allowing people like Batley to rule his evil empire for so long, damaging so many innocent lives.’