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Barney Mayhew

Barney Mayhew has worked on wars in Africa, Europe and Asia, for the UN, the EU, for international aid agencies, and for the British government. He was a British Army officer for four years. He has been a tank commander, a UN peacekeeper, an aid coordinator, and a cease-fire negotiator. He has overseen the deployment of hundreds of civilian experts into conflict-affected countries on behalf of the British government.

He designed and ran the UK’s cross-government training courses on conflict stabilisation, for British diplomats, military officers, police officers, and aid officials. He has lectured frequently at the UK Defence Academy, and at other colleges in the UK, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the USA. He graduated in Classics from Balliol College, University of Oxford, and is a dual British and Irish citizen.

 In How to Stop a War he explains how a war can sometimes be brought to an end. Based on stories from personal experience, the book shows how the international war-stopping system works, and how it could radically improve.

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