Holiday SOS
Ben MacFarlane

Holiday SOS

Not every doctor works in a local surgery. Not every A&E operation takes place in a well-staffed city-centre hospital.

Meet Ben MacFarlane – one of Britain’s full-time repatriation doctors. His job is to fly around the world and help pick up the pieces after some of the most traumatic incidents in international medicine. He helps the mums who break their legs jumping into Spanish swimming pools, the dads who have heart attacks with prostitutes in Las Vegas and the kids who get hypothermia visiting Santa in Lapland. He’s there for the crazy gap year crises and the short-sighted old ladies who take ecstasy instead of aspirin on foreign cruises. And he’s ready to perform emergency medicine at 35,000 feet if it all goes wrong on the plane.

Co-written with Neil Simpson, Holiday SOS is the story of a year in Ben’s professional – and personal – life. It opens the window on a medical world few people know exists. It explains just what might happen on your next holiday, business trip – or across the aisle on your next flight.

Book Details:

  • Author: Ben MacFarlane
  • Published Year: 2009
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: Hodder
    • Poland: Pascal
Ben MacFarlane

Ben MacFarlane

Ben MacFarlane graduated in medicine from Imperial College London, in 1998 and started carrying out medical repatriations in the spring of 2001. He then spent a year working on the cruise ship circuit and now works full time in a West London teaching hospital. Holiday SOS is his first book.
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Book Reviews

  • "It's terrific...Sun, sea and surgery - it's a potent mix. It deserves to succeed."
    The Independent
  • "A barn-storming account."
    Libby Purves
  • "Engrossing."
    Sunday Herald.
  • "Holiday SOS hugely entertaining and warmly written."
    The Lady