Cameron Addicott Biography

Cameron Addicott

Cam has been an undercover investigator with HM Customs and SOCA (Serious Organised Crime Agency) for the past fifteen years. He has unrivalled experience in working at the sharp end against the biggest drug traffickers, people smugglers, money launderers and other top villains all over the world and has used every tool available to put them inside.

Cam left SOCA in June 2008. He is divorced with two sons and lives with his new wife in Gloucester.

How I Found the Agency

My partner and I were in Waterstones; I was browsing whilst she was paying. I picked up Crack House and started flicking, liked the premise and bought it. I immediately thought that if a book could be written about Harry Keeble then maybe I should investigate. On googling Kris Hollington I was advised to contact his agent...the rest is history.

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