Carl 'Rocky' Mason Biography

Carl 'Rocky' Mason

Carl ‘Rocky’ Mason (45) left school at sixteen and, after completing his training aged just seventeen, he served with the commando units of Royal Marines - the most respected fighting force in the world – for the next ten years.

After receiving an exemplary discharge, Rocky acted as military advisor to Mearsk Shipping during the First Gulf War and served on many ships in the war zone.

At the end of the conflict he took part in a variety of privately run missions in Africa and the Far East and worked as a close protection, surveillance and undercover operative in the UK.

After a mission on Africa’s Ivory Coast went wrong, Rocky decided to spend some time in England with his newly born son. He appeared in many films as a military stuntman before starting a specialist company providing security for a number of film and television companies.

Rocky was drawn back out into a life on the open water as the threat of piracy emerged and he was asked to help re-take a ship that had been hijacked by Pirates in the South China Sea.

Since then Rocky has worked to protect ships in the most dangerous, pirate-infested waters in the world. He has had to fight for his life on more than one occasion and has been on a ship overrun by Somalian pirates armed with rocket launchers and AK47s who have tried to kill him and his colleagues – all Rocky and his two colleagues had for defence was an iron bar and a flare gun.

Despite the dangers, Rocky still currently works guarding ships from pirates in the most dangerous waters in the world.

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