Danni Brooke Biography

Danni Brooke

Today Danni Brooke enjoys the quiet life with her two children at her home in Spain, where she also runs a cybersecurity company with partner and fellow TV hunter Ben Owen. She likes experimenting with Italian recipes, baking and watching true crime documentaries on Netflix. It is a world away from the high-risk life she lived for ten years as a covert police officer. Then she spent her days on the streets and her nights in dingy clubs and crack dens, helping to gather evidence to put hundreds of dangerous criminals behind bars. Since leaving the force in 2013 she has built up a successful career as an investigator on C4’s Hunted, now in its 10th series. She has also participated in the ‘Celebrity Hunted’ programmes, appeared on ITV’s This Morning, taken part in the C5 series Troll Hunters and is due to star in a new C4 gameshow hosted by Ellie Taylor launching this Spring. Danni has also filmed a pilot with a Hollywood production company. As one of the only female undercover cops operating at a senior level Danni has a unique insight into the workings of this specialist unit. And though her extraordinary bravery and quick-thinking earned her commendations, today she takes a more critical view of her police work.

‘My view on drugs has completely changed over the years,’ she says. ‘Though I’m proud of what I did, taking out some really nasty characters, I can see that drugs problem isn’t going to be solved unless there is some serious thinking at a governmental level.’