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Danny Orbach

A veteran of Israeli intelligence, Danny Orbach is an associate professor for history and Asian studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He  studied for more than ten years in Tel Aviv, Tokyo and Harvard Universities. As a historian, commentator and political blogger, he  has published extensively on German, Japanese, Chinese, Israeli and Middle Eastern history, with a special focus on military resistance, disobedience, rebellions and political assassinations. He is also studying the history of espionage, intelligence and military adventurers. 


How I Found the Agency


As an author of popular history, I looked for an agent who specializes in this sort of writing. History is a tricky field, with its own laws and requirements. Surprisingly, it is much easier to write proper academic history, and nothing is more difficult than writing or representing history books catered for a larger audience. In my search, I encountered the following interview with Andrew Lownie in Literary Rejections. Upon reading the interview, I came to believe that this agency's line, orientation and interest in history and biography fully match my own. Hence, for my book, the Lownie Agency was a natural choice. 


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