All My Colours
David Quantick

All My Colours

Todd Milstead is a failed writer and a horrible man, even by the standards of late ‘70s America. But even he is confused when he realises he is the only person in the world who remembers an enormously-successful novel called All My Colours. And when Todd discovers that he remembers it well enough to copy it out and submit as his own, he thinks the answer to all his problems has arrived. Until the book that never existed takes its revenge.

All My Colours is darkly funny and cheerfully unpleasant in a Richard Bachman stylee. It is written by Emmy-winning comedy writer David Quantick.

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  • Author: David Quantick
  • On Submission
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    • UK: Titan
David Quantick

David Quantick

‘David Quantick has a medical condition whereby he literally cannot be unfunny.’Caitlin Moran David Quantick was born in 1961 and grew up in Devon. He has written for magazines and newspapers for 30 years, mostly the New Musical Express and Q magazine. He has also pursued a parallel career as a television writer and radio broadcaster with his own critically-rated shows One, 52 First Impressions and The Blaggers Guide, and has written for TV comedies including Veep (for which he won an Emmy), The Thick of It, The Day Today and many others. He also appeared in Celebrity Come ...
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Book Reviews

  • "All My Colors is weird, wonderful and creepy. It is any writer's most fervent wish and their biggest nightmare wrapped into one. Fast-paced, funny and frightening, it grips the reader and won't let go till you get to its terrifying last pages. A superb novel and an unholy godchild of early Stephen King, Lovecraft and Borges."
    Stav Sherez, writer of The Intrusions and The Devil’s Playground
  • "Among the funniest, creepiest, truest books about writing I’ve ever read … it’d be a best-seller in The Twilight Zone, and ought to be in whichever Zone we live in too."
    Kim Newman, writer of Anno Dracula
  • "It is difficult to believe a book can be so funny and yet so chilling at the same time….a novel that gets increasingly surreal without ever losing its sharp wit. A morality tale, a comedy, a horror story rolled into one, All My Colors has it all."
    The Sun
  • "Really rich, funny, unsettling and just very alive. A brilliant premise executed with total confidence and authority."
    John Niven