Night Train
David Quantick

Night Train

A woman wakes up in darkness, surrounded by deafening noise, on an speeding and apparently empty train. She has no idea how she got there, where she is going – or even who she is. As she makes her way through the train, she encounters horror after horror.

Night Train is a sci-fi horror story full of mystery and fear, suspense and death, in which each step takes us closer to  the secret of the Night Train.

Book Details:

  • Author: David Quantick
  • Published Year: 2020
  • Rights Sold
    • United Kingdom: Titan
David Quantick

David Quantick

‘David Quantick has a medical condition whereby he literally cannot be unfunny.’Caitlin Moran David Quantick was born in 1961 and grew up in Devon. He has written for magazines and newspapers for 30 years, mostly the New Musical Express and Q magazine. He has also pursued a parallel career as a television writer and radio broadcaster with his own critically-rated shows One, 52 First Impressions and The Blaggers Guide, and has written for TV comedies including Veep (for which he won an Emmy), The Thick of It, The Day Today and many others. He also appeared in Celebrity Come ...
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Book Reviews

  • "relentless, unstoppable, outrageous. And I want to see them all under five stars on a billboard-sized movie poster because that is the kind of book this is. Incredibly enjoyable…Either a stone-cold classic that will last for decades if not centuries, or, at the very worst, the best summer read you’ll have this year. I’m just waiting to see who buys the film rights. "
    Sublime Horror
  • "This imaginative horror novel is a page-turner. "
    Publishers Weekly
  • "At times horrifying, at other times laugh-out-loud funny, and always entertaining, Night Train is a ride unlike any other. "
  • "  Night Train is worth it, thanks to a succession of unexpected, bizarre occurrences keeping us intrigued and off-guard."
    The Herald
  • "I've seen it compared to a cross between Snowpeircer and 1984, but for me, the style, content and characters of this dark, witty and surprisingly moving novel make David Quantick a Kurt Vonnegut for a new generation."
    Sarah Pinborough