Dodger Down Under: The Further Adventures of the Artful Dodger
David Weston

Dodger Down Under: The Further Adventures of the Artful Dodger

London 1827. Jack Dawkins, the Artful Dodger, is sentenced to transportation to Australia as a common thief. But Dodger certainly isn't common and sees transportation as the start of just another 'artful' adventure.

Abel Magwitch, convict cricketers, sadistic officers, a heroic pugilist and a smattering of girls of easy virtue accompany Dodger on a journey of action, adventure and discovery.

This meticulously researched novel will appeal to Dickens aficionados and the general reader alike. Micawber, Nell, Peggotty, the villainous Monks, and Dickens himself are all beautifully woven into the dramatic events of Dodger - Down Under.

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  • Author: David Weston
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David Weston

David Weston

David Weston was born in London and educated at Alleyn's School Dulwich where he was taught by Michael Croft and became a founder-member of the National Youth Theatre. After National Service, where he was commissioned in the Royal Artillery, he won a scholarship to RADA. He has been a working actor for more than fifty years, doing everything from starring in Hollywood films, many seasons at the RSC and the National, appearing in twenty nine of Shakespeare's plays - to Eastenders and Doctor Who. His first book, Covering McKellen, described as 'Hugely enjoyable' by the...
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Book Reviews

  • "A right ripping yarn. Mr Weston writes ‘trippingly off the tongue’ "
    Ian McShane
  • "I have always thought the Artful Dodger’s story needed telling and now David Weston has told it, in a wonderfully engaging way."
    Julian Fellowes
  • "Clever and great fun!"
    Jeffrey Archer
  • "A terrific read and a great literary conceit."
    Barrie Rutter
  • "Imaginative, powerful and beautifully written."
    Robert Hardy
  • "This delightful Dickensian pastiche by actor David Weston. The book opens with the Artful Dodger being transported to Australia: conditions on the prison ship are brutal, but Weston finds plenty of scope for humour, and will give cricket fans a giggle with his mischievous take on the old joke about Australian cricketers being the descendants of convicts. The book is the first of a projected series and, on this showing, readers will definitely be clamouring for more."
    Mail on Sunday
  • "Weston deftly interweaves fact with fiction to create a wonderfully picaresque extravaganza."
    Daily Mail