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Dawn McConnell


Dawn McConnell  today cuts an impressive figure as the successful head of an online retail business in her native Scotland.  Living with second husband Bryce, the love of her life, Dawn enjoys a close relationship with her grown up son Callum. But life wasn’t always good for Dawn and her incredible journey from abused young girl to teen mum, through the criminal underworld to freedom is a testament to her tenacity, strength and courage. The memoir I Own You is her true story. 

Though Dawn is not her real name – her identity has to be concealed for legal reasons – the 43-year-old is determined to share her story.

'You might look at me and never imagine for one minute that I was abused as a child, first by my older brother and then by the monster who was later to become my husband,' she says. 'I don't look or act like a victim in the classic sense, which only goes to show that you should never judge someone until you know their true story. I had to fight hard to win my freedom and my security and still, the battles go on. One thing is for certain, I'll never give up and I'll never let my enemies get the better of me.'

I Own You is a gripping true story of power, abuse, betrayal and revenge.

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