Raise Your Grade
Denise Gossage

Raise Your Grade

Raise Your Grade answers the question: ‘how to revise’ in a, lively and engaging walkthrough style. It gives students a practical, step-by-step, start-to-finish revision framework, PUMP: Plan, Understand, Memorise, Practise.

Written with GCSE and A Level students in mind, Raise Your Grade will enable all students, in all subjects, at all levels of study, to revise smarter and get the grades they want.

According to Google’s 2011 Zeitgeist study, ‘how to revise’ was the UK’s most popular how-to search. It is clear that GCSE and A Level students are on a quest for quality revision skills support. But the need for reliable, relatable guidance is not being met.

In designing the unique methodology in Raise Your Grade, Dr. Denise Gossage seamlessly pulls together learning from three sources of expertise:

  1. 30 of the UK’s most successful revisers: A-grade achievers, who had just taken a place at Oxford University.
  2. A full review of everything science has to say about revision, learning and memory.
  3. The latest insider knowledge from the exam-setters and markers themselves.

Clear, practical and actionable, Raise Your Grade spells out exam preparation for students like no other revision guide.

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Denise Gossage

Denise Gossage

Born in Bristol, Denise Gossage graduated with a first class degree in Economics & Accounting from Bristol University.  She worked for two years at The Centre for Market and Public Organisation, studying the fundamental issues underlying public service reform.  She published a paper with Professor Carol Propper and Professor Simon Burgess on the impact of the NHS internal market in The Economic Journal, the world’s most respected economic journal.  This work featured in national media, including the Guardian and the BBC news, and has influenced the political agenda...
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Book Reviews

  • "At a time when the pressures on schools to deliver outstanding examination results is greater than ever, Dr Gossage’s book ‘Raise Your Grade’ provides some excellent practical advice on how students can achieve impressive examination outcomes. It also fits in the Ofsted priority of improving outcomes for more able/gifted and talented students. Dr Gossage’s own passion and belief in supporting students to fulfil their potential underpins this book which is suitable for use across all examinations."
    Rob Evans, Academy Principal, The Ridings' Federation of Academies.
  • "With an innovative and unique approach to GCSE revision, Dr. Denise Gossage’s Raise Your Grade gives students an engaging and useful guide to passing exams with relative ease."
    Test Study Guides