Dominic Adler Biography

Dominic Adler

A native Londoner, after completing a degree in history Dominic began a career in law enforcement. He went on to serve for twenty years in a variety of roles.

Dominic was previously a member of the army reserve, including service in the Intelligence Corps. This led to a keen interest in military history, defence matters and politics. He is particularly interested in the politics and ethics of Private Security Companies – the polite 21st Century commercial term for mercenaries. This, along with a life-long passion for hard-boiled action thrillers, has shaped his writing.

Dominic’s own life experience informs his work: he knows what it’s like to take risks and be let down, to live with uncomfortable realities and shabby real-world compromise. The idea for a book came several years ago, after a fourteen-hour shift hiding on the roof of a block of flats with a camera. In addition to writing he is a keen movie buff, war-gamer, father and cook.

How I Found the Agency

I found Andrew via a friend he'd successfully represented. So with some trepidation I submitted a finished script for a thriller, Andrew liked it and took me on.  I have been delighted to discover that Andrew's style is informal and always encouraging, with queries always answered promptly and helpfully. The advice and support I receive through the agency is excellent, and we are working together on a number of submissions.