Duncan Falconer


An old mentor of Stratton’s contacts him for help regarding a nuclear device up for sale on the black market and is then mysteriously murdered. Stratton can find no clue to the death until he is contacted by a senior Russian member of the FSB who wants to help. But Stratton’s interest in the case triggers an assassin sent to erase him, but from which side. The result is a fast-paced, complex thriller in pursuit of the bomb while avoiding the assassin. The turns in this plot only get more twisted as the pages are turned.

Book Details:

  • Author: Duncan Falconer
  • Published Year: 2012
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: Little Brown
    • Holland: De Boekerij
Duncan Falconer

Duncan Falconer

After an upbringing in an orphanage in North London he moved to Battersea where he lived and went to school and at 17 joined the Royal Marines. Due to a series of unusual circumstances he found himself attending the Special Boat Squadron selection in Poole, Dorset at just 19 years old. Out of almost 150 men, he and 8 others managed to get through the gruelling selection course. He subsequently went on to serve a dozen years in the SBS, many of them as an anti-terrorist undercover operator.He was a pioneer of modern maritime counter terrorism and was involved in operations during the Falklan...
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Book Reviews

  • "When you have been an undercover intelligence operative with Britain’s Special Forces, you know a thing or two about the world’s most dangerous hotspots. And Duncan Falconer’s thrilling series of books featuring the daredevil elite officer John Stratton have experience and class written all over them. For those who haven’t yet come under the spell of the terrifying and authentic world of special operations conjured up by Falconer, now is the time to get started. Assassin, an intriguing, full-on action drama, sees the former Special Boat Service and Intelligence Company veteran on top form.... Assassin is a fast-paced, straight-talking, no-frills thriller with more twists and turns than the Khyber Pass, and a tough-nut, cynical hero who packs the same charisma and ‘killer’ punch as Muhammad Ali. Roll on the next round..."
    Lancashire Evening Post
  • "Falconer, himself ex-SBS, knows his detail and how to spin it into a yarn."
    Weekend Sport