The Hostage
Duncan Falconer

The Hostage

When an undercover operation monitoring the Real IRA goes horrifically wrong, British Intelligence turn to the one man who can get their agent out: Stratton, SBS operative with a lethal reputation. It's a dangerous race against time: if the Real IRA get to the Republic before Stratton gets to the Real IRA, his colleague is as good as dead. But the battle in the Northern Ireland borders is just the beginning. For there can only be one way the Real IRA knew about the British agent: someone within MI5 is tipping them off.

A surveillance mission is mounted in Paris to identify the mole but ends in disaster: Hank Munro, US Navy SEAL on secondment, is captured. Munro's wife Kathryn is distraught, and her priest Father Kinsella is very supportive. Kinsella, though, is not the holy man he seems, and Kathryn becomes an unwitting part of a deadly Real IRA plan, a terror attack the likes of which London has never seen...

When Hank is inadvertently kidnapped by terrorists on an SBS 'safe op', Kathryn returns home to America, only to be manipulated by her priest and secret IRA godfather into playing a role in Hank's release. Unknown to her she is to have a key part in the most destructive terrorist assault in Irish Republican history, one that holds the fate of hundreds of thousands of Londoners in its hands.

Book Details:

  • Author: Duncan Falconer
  • Published Year: 2003
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: Time Warner
    • Poland: Dolnoslaskie
    • France: Movie Planet Sarl
    • Germany: Luzifer
Duncan Falconer

Duncan Falconer

After an upbringing in an orphanage in North London he moved to Battersea where he lived and went to school and at 17 joined the Royal Marines. Due to a series of unusual circumstances he found himself attending the Special Boat Squadron selection in Poole, Dorset at just 19 years old. Out of almost 150 men, he and 8 others managed to get through the gruelling selection course. He subsequently went on to serve a dozen years in the SBS, many of them as an anti-terrorist undercover operator.He was a pioneer of modern maritime counter terrorism and was involved in operations during the Falklan...
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Book Reviews

  • "Duncan Falconer's cracking debut novel... Falconer is a former member of the SBS and his book is packed with authentic details. Inevitably, he'll be compared to Andy McNab, but I'd say Falconer has the edge. His characterisation is superior and he knows exatly when and how to ratchet up the tension."
    Mail on Sunday
  • "Falconer brings his vast experience as a member of both the Special Boat Service and the SAS to bear upon a rip-roaring action story that grabs the attention from the outset...That Falconer then convincingly drops into this a tangled web of romance, prejudice, persuasion, intimidation and he duality of choice lifts Hostage into the upper echelons of thriller writing."
    What's on London
  • "This book always had the right credentials for success - a fast-paced, tightly written terrorist thriller from Duncan Falconer, the youngest ever member of the SBS and best-selling author of First into Action. Couple that with the almost prescient timing of its release and you have all the makings of a bestseller."
    Norfolk Journal
  • "The Hostage has authenticity on his side in this excellent IRA-based thriller."
    Essex Magazine
  • "Former Special Boat Service recruit Duncan Falconer has joined the ranks of special forces personnel to discover the pen is mightier than the bullet. He utilises is experience to exciting effect for the authentic thriller."
    Sunderland Echo