The Operative
Duncan Falconer

The Operative

In war-torn Iraq Stratton's closest friend is killed whilst on operation, leaving behind a grieving wife, Sally, and baby son, Josh, Stratton's own godson. Within a week Sally is dead and Josh is in state custody in LA. Stratton discovers Sally has been brutally murdered and together with Seaton, a CIA ally, traces her killers to an Albanian crime syndicate, former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army. Behind it all is a complex FBI cover-up that goes all the way to the top. Setting out on a private mission of revenge, Stratton seeks justice in the only way he knows how ...But then Josh is kidnapped as a warning to Stratton and the FBI and CIA put a price on his head for igniting a vicious war with the Albanian crime boss, Skender.

Armed only his wits and an extraordinary skill with explosives, Stratton takes on Skender's colossal backstreet army. With Josh's life at stake and fuelled by a tormenting sense of guilt for failing his old friend, Stratton prepares to give up his life for what appears to be his final mission against all odds: to bury Skender and his entire syndicate in the rubble of their empire ...literally.

Book Details:

  • Author: Duncan Falconer
  • Published Year: 2006
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: Time Warner
    • Poland: Dolnoslaskie
    • France: Movie Planet Sarl
Duncan Falconer

Duncan Falconer

After an upbringing in an orphanage in North London he moved to Battersea where he lived and went to school and at 17 joined the Royal Marines. Due to a series of unusual circumstances he found himself attending the Special Boat Squadron selection in Poole, Dorset at just 19 years old. Out of almost 150 men, he and 8 others managed to get through the gruelling selection course. He subsequently went on to serve a dozen years in the SBS, many of them as an anti-terrorist undercover operator.He was a pioneer of modern maritime counter terrorism and was involved in operations during the Falklan...
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Book Reviews

  • "Andy McNab with cerebral muscle."
  • "A ripping yarn"
    Financial Times
  • "A pacy, engaging book that makes great use of Falconer's experiences to glimpse a world we seldom see'"
    Sunday Express
  • "a nail-biting climax ."
    Evening Echo
  • "High-octane adventure ."
    Dorset Echo