Aerial Warfare: The Battle for the Skies
Frank Ledwidge

Aerial Warfare: The Battle for the Skies

'Aerial Warfare' introduces the history of a form of warfare which has dominated western war-making for 100 years.  Despite regular announcements of its demise, it shows no sign of becoming obsolete.  What roles can air power deliver? Is it conceptually different from other forms of combat?  Can wars be won from the air?  Has bombing ever been effective, and if so when?  Is there a future for manned air power, or is it inevitable that drones will dominate 21st century war in the air? 

The book assesses the major battles, crises and controversies where aircraft have taken centre stage, as well as conflicts where the rhetoric of air power has not met the reality.  

All of these campaigns provide a background for a look at how aircraft are used in warfare today. Whilst the technology of air power – the vocabulary as it were- has changed, the ways in which its used – the grammar- has remained surprisingly similar.

Produced in the centenary year of the RAF and written by one of the UK's best-known military commentators who himself teaches at the RAF College,  'Aerial Warfare' is the first short, accessible history of air power for many years'

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  • Author: Frank Ledwidge
  • Published Year: 2018
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: OUP
    • Japan: Sogensha
Frank  Ledwidge

Frank Ledwidge

In fifteen years as a military intelligence officer, Frank Ledwidge served front line operational tours in Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq - the latter as head of one of the joint-service multinational teams failing to find WMD. He was subsequently selected to head his service specialisation for two years. He is a graduate of the Joint Service Command and Staff College and has worked closely with US and other NATO forces including taking and passing the US Marine Counter-intelligence Course. He retired from the service in early 2009. In his civilian life he is a&nbs...
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