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Gavin Evans


Gavin Evans was born in London but grew up mainly in Cape Town. After a year studying in Texas, he returned to South Africa to become intensely involved in the anti-apartheid struggle in various capacities. Along the way he studied economic history and law before completing a PhD in political studies. He worked as a journalist for several South African newspapers and as a foreign correspondent for a Rome-based news agency.


He returned to London with his wife and first daughter in 1993, initially working as a freelance journalist (for The Guardian, Esquire, Men’s Health and several other publications), broadcaster and author. His eight non-fiction books include two sporting biographies, a memoir, Dancing Shoes is Dead, a coffee table book on boxing history, two books on popular science (Mapreaders & Multitaskers on genes and gender and Black Brain, White Brain on the fallacies of race science) and The Story of Colour, on the culture of colour. He has also written a commissioned screenplay and has contributed chapters to several other books.


Over the past 15 years he has lectured in the Culture and Media department at Birkbeck College, Cardiff University and at the London School of Journalism. He has recently written for The Guardian, The Daily Mirror, The New Internationalist, International Business Times, BBC History Magazine and Die Zeit among others. He broadcasts regularly for the BBC World Service and is currently rated fourth in the UK in his age group in marathon running.

How I Found the Agency

I approached The Andrew Lownie Literary Agency on the recommendation of a fellow author, and after being impressed by its strong and varied non-fiction list.

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